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Life’s 4 Living - ‘Give it a Go!’

Think of me as the ‘link’ to allow you the gift of time to ‘play’, relax and express yourself through art.

I am passionate about art and helping others, they say to do what you love so I’m combining my passions. I want to bring art into the lives of those who struggle with the curved balls that life throws at us. A lot of us feel lonely, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or stressed at some point and sometimes we just struggle to feel happy. Art can be a release; it can be our voice to express ourselves when the words won’t come.

Being respectful of the limitations that some people have is why I’m offering a non-judgemental, safe and secure space in which to experiment, express and create for themselves. This could be your own home, at a centre or out in nature.

The self-directed nature of Art expression allows for the individual to make their own choices about how and what they do, this also helps increase self-confidence and self-efficacy. Sharing emotions and communicating in this way is not as overwhelming or confronting. As your link to expression through creating I will offer direction, advise, guidance and encouragement through a variety of sessions/workshops available.

It’s all in the name of FUN, happiness and relaxation.

Creating Art stimulates the release of the ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine from our brain. We all need this wonderful hormone as it’s released during pleasurable situations and stimulates you to look for a pleasurable activity or occupation.

Knowing the battles that we can fight with mental health; I understands and believe that Art/creating can be a valuable tool for all to use in overcoming and soothing the demons that can rummage the mind. Art is a way to release the grip and regain control. The self-directed nature of art expression allows for the individual to make their own choices about how and what they do, this also helps increase self-confidence and self-efficacy.

I’m combining my two passions, helping people and creating art. By introducing them to ways they can explore and have fun with Art. As an NDIS  & Aged Care provider I provide one on one sessions to group workshops where NO experience is necessary.

My belief is that everyone can create, ‘art is in the eye of the beholder’ ….. why not ‘give it a go’?!

I really feel that a lot of us have had Art taught out of us. As infants we are encouraged to play with art however by the time we are at high school we were encouraged to follow the more traditional subjects so that we can get a real job at the end.


"To hold an exhibition of clients work towards the end of 2021"

Life’s 4 Living - Letitia Kimmorley, Creative Director.

Benefits of Visual Art Creation

  • A wonderful tool in the fight against mental health such as depression, anxiety, stress and
    trauma. Creating art is a form of nonverbal expression allowing you to use art to express
    yourself without the complication of words.
  • Boosts mental well-being
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • The self-direction of art expression allows for the you to make your own choices on how and
    what to create.
  • No experience required, humans are innately creative
  • Stimulates communication
  • Breaks down social isolation
  • Promotes self-discovery
  • Increases cognitive skills
  • Emotional relief
  • Stress relief
  • It doesn’t matter what medium you use to create only that your comfortable doing/using it
  • It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the process, take time for yourself
  • Studies also show that creating art stimulates the release of dopamine, a chemical that is
    released when we do something pleasurable
  • Suitable from children to the elderly

Overview Wellness Programs/Workshops

Skills engaged and enhanced – cognitive, reflection, expression, memory, social interaction, self-confidence, relaxation and enjoyment – learning to use art as a tool to combat poor mental health.

All wellness workshops are designed with the client in mind, person centred care. All workshops are suitable for everyone, no previous experience is required. The
objective is that anyone be allowed the opportunity to create, explore and express themselves as they wish without judgement. Guidance, direction and assistance will always be readily available.

All sessions are started with a time to settle, followed by a mindful relaxing practice of deep breathing … being grateful for this time and promise yourself that you will allow yourself to have fun… Stretch arms out, wiggle your fingers… shake them out… limber up ready to create… Music in background (if client/s are happy).

Doodle Art

Everyone can ‘doodle’, so why not turn yours into art. Who remembers Mr Squiggle? He would turn a doodle or squiggle into a piece of art which can be coloured.

Memory/Reminiscence Art

Recall a memory, it may be a photo or picture that evokes a lovely memory or a shell, leaf, button, pebble etc could represent a memory. Bring your memory with you and we will recreate it as a collage for you to show family and friends.


'Drop n Explore’ – A fun exercise, will power required so not to move dropped pieces.

Emotional Collage

Create a collage showing what 'I’m grateful for' or 'I'm happy because' as an example.

Meditative Art

2 versions; Depending on size and capabilities this could be done in one session or over a period. Add on to this – Journaling – draw a series of mandala’s – reflective of mood, situation.... or a breathing exercise to help relax.

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